Saturday, March 01, 2008

Random Pics from Vacation in Oklahoma

OK - Here are just some random pictures from our time in Oklahoma this past Christmas. We really enjoyed our time with family and friends. Unfortunately we weren't able to see everyone. We didn't make it down to Texas, but family was able to come up and see us in Oklahoma. We will make the rounds when we are there for 6 months beginning this August. It is hard to believe that we will complete our first term in about 5 months. I didn't take the majority of pictures while there so there aren't any of opening presents and such. Those are on Bryan's camera. Enjoy!

This picture shows Mikaila and Bryan before they head off to Mikaila's first ballet. We took the opportunity of being in OK during Christmas to take Mikaila to The Nutcracker ballet. We thought Ethan was a little too young to enjoy (and also sit still the whole time) so it was a daddy/daughter date. She enjoyed it so much! Hopefully next year I can go too. While Bryan and Mikaila went to the ballet, Ethan and I went to see a movie - Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was pretty good. My brother and my nieces and nephew joined us so that was good to spend some time with them.

Here is Ethan outside of Wal-mart. He loves these things and he just had to crawl in beside Garfield. Watch out! He is a crazy driver.

Here is Ethan with his cousin Wesley. They had a blast together and anytime there was a decent sized area with carpet - they wrestled! Wesley actually knew what he was doing so Ethan got hurt a few times. He is also smaller so that had something to do with it too. Ethan misses having boy friends to do things with.

Before we left for Poland, Bryan's parents bought two trees to plant with the kids in the yard of their rent house which we had stayed in while in between our time in Estonia and Poland. I don't remember which is supposed to be Mikaila's and Ethan's. So anyway... Here are both of the kids in front of both the trees. All have grown very much these past 3 years!

They still had their fascination with water fountains! They didn't have to stop at all we saw this time but most of them.

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